Easy And Cost Effective Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Have you been spending a lot of time at home? Working from home? Spending weekends in front of the tv? Like many of us, our homes have become our safe space. We've been told to stay at home many times in the past year and depending on where we are in the world, still being told to do so. So very quickly our homes are becoming places we love or for some of us those little things that bugged us before are being amplified as we are constantly staring at them. 

So what can we do about it? There are many different easy and cost effective ways of changing your spaces and making your homes feel fresh and new again. Follow along for some tips or inspiration on what you can do to change up your spaces. 

Firstly how much green do you have in your space? We are not talking about the colour green we are talking about plants! There are many beautiful plants you can incorporate into your space. Other than making your space look beautiful, fresh and alive, some house plants even help detoxify the air around us. What? Amazing! A general google will assist you to know if the lovely plant you see at your local plant shop will clean your air or not but here is a small list of some popular detoxifying plants for your home;

  • Peace Lily 
  • Sansevieria
  • Rubber Plant 
  • Spider Plant

Buy a couple of house plants and notice the difference you feel sitting amongst your new additions. Money a bit tighter? Why not go on a nature walk and clip some additions to fill a vase. 

Another easy idea to change up the space is to declutter and tidy up your cords. Random cords hanging from tv's. Cords gathering dust along the floor. Cords entwined with each other not knowing where one starts or ends. There are many different cord organising tools and products out there that can assist you to organise the space, otherwise just put aside a couple of hours to actually find out what that random cord is for or untangling the cords so the area doesn't overwhelm you each time you look at it. 

Budget too tight for new organising gadgets or plants? Why not look at the concept of minimalism. If your space is annoying you or you're feeling extra crowded by your stuff why not start culling your goods. Get rid of stuff that does not serve you anymore. Have 7 pairs of jeans and only two fit? Donate the rest. Have a ton of books you no longer read and will never read again, donate them. Declutter your shelves, remove furniture that was designed to fill a space. Allow that space to exist, clear up the floor space, so your house and spaces within it feel big again. Don't feel crowded by your stuff anymore. Once you have donated your extra goods from your space why not experiment with changing around your furniture and rooms. 

Sit down and plan out some small tasks you can chip away at whilst you are stuck at home more these days. Make your time at home more effective and start loving your space again.