I cut down a tree in my yard, but I don't know what to do next...

I'm stumped!

Quite often the outside of someones property is the last to get a look in when updating homes. Not knowing where to start often results in putting it off all together. However there are some very cost effective and simple additions you can include to the frontage of your property to give it a face lift. 

Most obvious would be a spruce up of colour. Painting your front door or window trims, etc can give your property a lift. However there are a few other ideas you can utilise, before you get your paintbrushes out, to smarten up the outside of your home. 

First impressions of your home happens at the front door, so why not  look at replacing your door handles/upgrading to a digital door lock. There are many beautiful and sophisticated digital door locks on the market. Some are more sophisticated than others and some allow more functionality. Whatever the system you chose, updating your door lock to include a digital door system can really make a statement. 

One particular door lock which has us at Hardware Made Easy all excited is the Schlage Omnia Smart Lock. The Schlage Omina Smart Lock makes simple access a breeze by using the Schlage Breeze App. Some other features include; 

  • Use voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Send virtual keys to guests, via text message from the Schlage Breeze app
  • Program access codes for temporary or recurring visitors in Schlage Breeze app
  • Firmware updates through the app ensure future compatibility
  • Auto locking and passage mode
  • Easy installation, retrofits with most mortice locks (please enquire with supplier before purchase/installation)
  • Fire rated – check with fire door manufacturer prior to installation
  • Low battery indicator offers weeks of advanced warning for battery replacement 
  • Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock
  • Available in Satin Nickel Plate or Matt Black finishes

You can find the Schlage Omnia Smart Lock here as well as many other digital door locks via this link here. 

Looking at making a change for less coin? Have you considered jazzing up your house numbers? When we first move into a new home, house numbers can be a last minute panic addition, as you await your first piece of mail and are rarely updated from there. At HardwareMadeEasy we stock Trio Australia’s Tri Eco Solar House Numbers. They light up at night and are powered by the Australian Sun however also clearly display their contemporary design throughout daylight hours. 

The TriEco Solar Digital numbers are 100% Australian designed and patented product and are made from a recyclable plastic. They operate using natural and free power source from the sun and won’t rust in our harsh Australian weather. They stock numerals 0-9 as well as letters A & B. So no matter where you live you can access some contemporary eco solar digits to add to the front of your house so your favourite pizza shop knows which house is yours!! 


Wanting to add a bit of green and impress your neighbours? Have you considered an edible veggie garden for your, FRONT YARD!?! Veggie gardens are always on trend, however have become much more popular of late due to people spending more time at home and wanting to go to the supermarket less. There are obviously many different ways you can achieve a spectacular and impressive first impression of your home through a veggie garden. Raised garden beds give your garden some structured neatness, trellises can be used to grow tomatoes and other creeping fruits and vegetables, hanging baskets, vertical gardens, the options are vast. 

At Hardware Made Easy we stock many different products which can be used for your veggie garden needs. Check out our Veggie Garden collection here for some inspiration.


 Source: gardensbyted.wordpress Photo credit: Ted Whitley


Lastly, DoorMats! Just the humble door mat can be enough to finish off the look of your home. As you welcome your guests into your house why not welcome them with a whimsical doormat which showcases your personalities or a doormat which will give your postman a giggle. Choose from naughty doormats to cute, 'Walk All Over Me' have it all. Hardware Made Easy has included 'Walk All Over Me' amazing doormat collection and we are excited to showcase it all here.