Pallets of ideas...

Looking for some ideas on how to use pallets for your house DIY projects? Why not try to do the following... 

  • Cut a 30cm diameter hole in the middle of two pallets. Place one pallet at one end of the yard and another in a straight line of the first at the other end of yard. Grab some mini bean bags or tennis balls. Line up the family at each pallet and bam, you’ve got yourself a game of skill, competition and fun! Make it easier by raising the back of the pallet on bricks so the pallet is on an angle allowing you to throw the ball or bag into it.


  • Stack roughly 6 pallets on top each one. Add a piece of material to drape over the structure, or a flat piece of wood on top or  to create a table your guests can sit at. Make it smaller or larger depending on what type of chair you have available to sit at it.

  • Collect two fruit crates and secure the bottom of each crate against each other exposing the opening outwards. Place a pallet on top of the two attached fruit crates, creating a table top. Secure wood into each pallet gap to ensure table top doesn’t have any gaps. 


The open fruit crate sides can create an open storage space for blankets or cushions or can be a place to put your beloved pet! 


  • Stand a pallet upright so the slats are facing you. Secure to a platform so the pallet stays upright or secure to fence. Hang solar fairy lights to create a backdrop for a garden seat or hang pot plants with metal hooks for an upright garden. 

The humble wood pallet is so versatile!