Solutions For Your Messy Garage!

Like us at HardwareMadeEasy we are sure most of you have a little secret hiding in your garage. Roller door stays closed. Lights stay off. Guests are ushered away from that room when there is a house tour, etc. What's this secret we are all hiding behind those closed doors? 


Internal doors are only opened for a couple of reasons. To throw junk in there and to get the junk out. So many people use their internal garages as a communal dumping ground. Sandy beach gear from the car gets dumped in the garage, prams, bikes, surfboards, luggage, the list goes on. Very quickly our garages become symbolic of our hectic lives and soon enough become a massive cupboard rather than a functional room or used for their intended purpose, to park our cars. 

There are some very simple and easy ways to start organising your garage space into an inviting and well structured room, read on for some space and time saving ideas. 

Storage! Instead of using your garage as one big storage container look around the room at how you could be storing your goods effectively. If you have many plastic containers of stored belongings scattered across the floor look at storing them in a shelving unit. Moving the containers up off the floor will allow for more foot space for walking around your parked car or allow you to actually park your car in the space. 

Other items that take up a lot of room in our garages are the families bikes. Instead of placing them on the floor up against each other look at some wall mounts. Make use of the wall space and get the bikes and surf boards off the floor, once again creating foot space and decluttering the areas around the car. 

If you never intend to park your car in your garage and you are looking at ideas on what the garage could do for your family, think outside the box. An all weather games room for the family, home office, workshop, home brew space, all weather space for pets, painting studio. The ideas really are endless. 

If you are looking for a sign to get into the garage and do something about the mess, this is it! Stop putting it off. Order that skip bin, chuck and donate the goods that are no longer serving their purpose and then organise the leftover goods. Do not let your garage symbolise your hectic life, organise the space and see how much more relaxed you feel about your home. 

If you have any other space saving ideas or success stories on how you've converted your garages, let us know below. Inspire your fellow DIY'ers! 

Garage as a communal dumping ground!

Garage once motivation to organise kicked in...