Security tips for holiday season!

It may not feel like it today but we are entering warmer weather and the summer holidays are not that far away. 

Whilst the summer holidays are usually a time for relaxation, food, drinks and fun it can also result in us becoming relaxed with our routines and security around the home. 

One only needs to do a quick google search or watch the news to see another break in or 'walk in' story of assaults, robbery, and much worse. Do not become another statistic. Do not wait until something bad happens to you or someone in your street act now and rectify some of the common mistakes people make around their home. 

Firstly, lock your doors. It is surprising how many people do not lock the doors to their home when they are home. 'I am home, why do I need to lock my doors?' Many home invasions occur through unlocked doors or windows. This can occur when people are sleeping or going about their daily chores. Some thieves are so brazen or not of right mind to care if someone is home and will walk on into your home. Lock the door and stop them in their tracks!

Secondly, as stated above, lock your windows. As soon as the weather cools of at night time after a warm day there is nothing better than switching off the air-conditioning and opening up all the windows and falling asleep to the sound of the tree's rustling in the breeze outside. This is music to an opportunistic thieves ears. If you want to open your windows to let the cool air in, invest in some window locks. Window locks allow you to open the window to your desired width and then lock it into place. 

Lastly, throw away all gift boxes from those amazing Christmas gifts you've spent so long saving up for. If boxes of your goods are near the bin or out the front of your home you are advertising to thieves what your new purchases are. An open catalogue of all the things they can steal when they walk through your unlocked door. 

These are all basic and quick tips to ensure you don't become complacent with your home security needs. There are many other other ways you can keep on top of your security such as, home alarm systems, padlocks on gates, lighting around the home, home security cameras, etc. Start with some basic steps to ensure you are not sitting ducks and then move on to some more higher tech options to ensure your loved ones and your belongings are secure.