Winter DIY.... get motivated!

Winter is usually a time for snuggling up on the couch with a coffee and a good book trying to keep warm. Not much work gets done as the motivation levels go down. Rain pours outside and the temperature drops lower and lower. With a few weeks left of winter here in Australia, now is the time to shift that mindset and… get stuff done!


Just because it is raining outside, does not mean you can’t tackle some of those tricky little jobs inside you’ve been meaning to get to for ages. Read on for some indoor DIY inspiration and ideas.


Tapware and showerheads are just some of the internal hardware that could be updated during winter. Especially when hot showers and warm baths are a luxury in this season, why not update your bathroom and kitchen hardware. This is a cost effective but dramatic improvement to your bathrooms and kitchens and can give your space a more high-end look. Whilst looking attractive, shower head replacements can also save you money in the long run as water saving showerheads are designed to reduce your water bills and be environmentally friendly.


Secondly, hanging art on the walls is an instant boost to any room’s décor. If you have just moved to a new house and have yet to decorate the walls or want to update the art/colour décor of a room, winter is the perfect time to do this. Naturally you spend more of your time indoors, sitting around the lounge room or bedroom and have time to stare at your wall space. Why not experiment with a gallery wall. Or build a shelf for some indoor plants. Get creative. Get onto Pinterest and get busy.


Thirdly, paint and flooring are some more expensive upgrades one can make to their homes during the winter months. Got some gross old scabby carpet? Upgrade it to some floating floorboards. Kids wreaked havoc down the hallway, now might be the perfect time to update your wall paint. Freshening up a room or entrance way can be just enough to spruce up the old drab look of your home and by doing it in stages like this, can be a more cost-effective way of updating your home.


Winter DIY does not need to be expensive or hard work. Having more time inside allows you more time to get these tasks done in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Stop sitting on the lounge whinging about the décor or old tapware and do something about it. You will instantly feel better about the space and will feel a sense of achievement by doing it all yourself.