Carbine Cupboard Lock

Carbine Cupboard Lock

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Modular locks with changeable latch & bolt and a four-way locking direction.

Carbine Cupboard Locks simplify design so you only need one lock for all cupboard and drawer locking applications. Carbine cupboard locks are completely modular with a changeable latch/bolt and a four-way locking direction.

The Carbine Cupboard Lock is a next generation product, providing you with one lock to suit all applications for cupboard and drawer locking. The product is completely modular with changeable function (from latch to bolt and vice versa) and four possible locking directions. With this sort of versatility there is little reason to use anything else.

  • Easy to remove the cylinder by undoing three screws
  • Can be purchased in keyed-to-differ or keyed-alike
  • Supplied with a 6 pin C4 keyway, use Keyline LKW9 (Silca LW5) key and offers keying advantages re keying to other locks
  • Supplied with an additional cam for key retaining function
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Retrofits most common brands
  • 30mm lock housing projection, 12mm lock case
  • Uses a standard 530 cylinder

Download Carbine Cupboard Lock Spec sheet

Download Carbine Cupboard Lock instructions