Carbine CMPS Multi Padlock 7 Hole Bolt Lock

Carbine CMPS Multi Padlock 7 Hole Bolt Lock

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The Carbine Multi Padlock Solution (CMPS) is designed to give an extra layer of security to site owners who want to prevent the use of daisy chaining which has plagued countless gates and properties across Australia. 



Padlock daisy chaining is where someone cuts a link in a chain (usually securing a gate) and inserts another padlock in series, so that they can gain easy, continuous access to a site or property. It is often used by utilities to gain permissible entry to private property without having to bother the landholder or between different utilities, so that they can manage their own key system. The problem arises when someone does this without permission.


In of itself, a gate and chain typically does not present a high barrier to entry.  Gates and fences can be scaled and a determined criminal will simply angle-grind or bolt cut the chain or padlock shackle. The issue is one of what an ordinary person might feel is ‘acceptable’ forced entry. Whereby a person feels by destroying a link and then ‘fixing’ it with their padlock to secure the chain is ‘acceptable’. A typical example of this is dirt bike riders who wish to gain regular access to a secured parcel of land. The landowner then has to deal with all the attendant damage and liability issues this produces.

This then creates a control problem of there being no sign of forced entry and confusion as to which padlocks are authorised. A simple solution might be to install a single padlock, but the logistics of key control for multiple utilities or other entities would soon spiral out of control.

The CMPS is designed to control daisy chaining and allows the site owner to provide access to other site users using their own padlocks.


How does it work?


The CMPS is designed for the use of up to 7 padlocks where the removal of any padlock releases the chain and entry is granted. It allows the site owner to control who can add a padlock. It has a simple control device to make unused padlock eyes redundant. The CMPS is made from galvanised steel and can be welded or bolted to gates or posts. The chain is then fixed to the gate or post as required and the padlocks can be added by each authorised user. 

  • Once a padlock is removed, it allows the locking bar to enter the corresponding hole which was occupied by the padlock
  • Once the locking bar enters the hole, it releases the chain end, which allows the lock to be opened
  • The owner secures the restrictor plate with their padlock in the appropriate hole to prevent additional padlocks being added.
  • The restrictor plate prevents the locking bolt from travelling past to unused holes.