MK3 -Flat Roof Aviaries

MK3 -Flat Roof Aviaries

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Wall height 1.83m


  • These are 1.2m high – ½ mesh and ½ sheeting to match dado under all mesh sections. There are two tube inserts in each side of the door to give effective bracing without obstructing viewing. All doors are fitted with a padbolt and an extra safety catch for use when inside the aviary.


  • These can be used to divide an aviary into any number of compartments and the doors can be in the divider or outside walls to give required access. They normally match the end walls for sheet, mesh and dado.

Heavy duty parrot mesh available.

  • Supplied in 5 pre assembled panels
  • The following options are available:
    • Various combinations of steel and mesh to suit your personal requirements
    • Hinged hatch
    • Mesh in roof
    • Mesh to ground
    • Full height doors
    • Parrot mesh 25 x 25 2mm thick
    • Easy feed rotating feeders
    • Coloured trim
  • Bird proofing is supplied with all aviaries and is used to seal the gap between the top of the wall and the sheeting
  • Install yourself or we can install for you