Self-Aligning Adjustable Hinges - Coilklik - SHC- 135

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CoilKLIK: Award Winning Self-Aligning Gate Hinge

Safetech Hardware’s award winning self-aligning gate hinge, CoilKLIK, is a gate installers dream. Its patented & revolutionary internal mechanism is designed to perform one of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks typically associated with hanging a gate. Our CoilKLIK hinge will help you to line up the fence hinge and latch posts, for perfect movement and latching of the gate, every time’! CoilKLIK self-aligning gate hinge solves this with amazing ease – even if the fences hinge and/or latch posts are not perfectly parallel.

How CoilKLIK Works

When you have finished installing a new self-closing gate outfitted with Safetech Hardware’s gate hinges, you’ll leave behind the only tool that homeowners need to adjust their hinges. Adjusting the tension with the included allen-key is so simple that any homeowner can do it, eliminating the chance of being recalled to the job for maintenance.


Put the Adjustment Key in the Customers’ Hands

Safetech Hardware’s unique horizontal adjustment is accomplished by using a patented coil-based system requiring only the supplied Allen-key or cordless electric drill bit. The key or bit is inserted into the side of the hinge mechanism and is used to precisely adjust in either direction the horizontal line-up of the gate latching mechanism with the latch post. Tension adjustment is set using the same Allen-key to quickly increase or decrease self-closing tension.


Superior Safetech Construction for Long Service Life

We know that as a gate installer you don’t like callbacks. Call-backs take time you can better devote to developing and serving new customers. Tell your customers that the new CoilKLIK horizontal and vertical adjustable gate hinge has the same superior features common to the Safetech line of hinges and latches.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve perfect alignment with the new CoilKLIK vinyl gate hinge