Fixed Tension Hinges - AlfaHinge- SHF-90L & SHF-90L

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Standard Gate Hinges Yet Excellent Quality

Safetech polymer gat hinges are some of the highest quality hinges available today, as a professional who installs gates you’ll know that most customers expect reliability regardless of whether the hinges are self-closing or without tension. You’ll also know that hinges are one of the top reasons for a call back to a job.

One particular scenario where the Safetech Alfa gate hinges shine is when the job you are doing is simply to retrofit new hinges where the old ones been damaged or have worn out. Typically, this will be because the old hinges have gone rusty and need replacing and the customer will want a reliable but economical option for their job. Safetech Alfa hinges are an easy sell, being made from fibre-reinforced polymer for strength and UV stabilised to resist fading in the sun – another common problem that can arise from selecting the wrong types of hinges.


Call-Backs? Not with our hinges!

They might be a “standard” but these gate hinges have been designed with customer satisfaction is mind and by choosing Safetech Standard Gate Hinges you’ll see the amount of call-backs you get to a job will dramatically drop. Like all products from Safetech our standard gate hinges are durable and created to last; made of fibre-reinforced polymer they are made to meet tough durability standards and will last for years. Safetech have a reputation for high quality manufacturing and saving time on installation.


Materials  Engineered Polymers, Rust Resistang Stainless-Steel Pins and Springs 
Adjusment  Vertical
Pack Quantitiy (Pairs) 20
Colour Black 
Holding Weight (KG) 28
Closing Weight (KG) 15
Number of Legs  1 Leg, 2 Leg
Application  Metal or Timber, Pool Gates

Technical Drawings: