Heavy Duty Adjustable Tension Gate Hinge - Megaklik -SHH-135LS & SHH-135S

Heavy Duty Adjustable Tension Gate Hinge - Megaklik -SHH-135LS & SHH-135S

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We have designed a reliable, durable, trustworthy, cutting edge hardware solution for high traffic gates. The Heavy-duty hinges by Safetech are preferred by installers because they are easy to install, and are the most dependable hardware solution in the market today.


The cost to value ratio is better than any other similar product. The heavy gate hinges are built to withstand all kinds of damage and can truly pass the test of time.


The heavy-duty hinges are made of polymer material and are reinforced by glass fiber. The Heavy-duty gate hinges are UV stabilised rays and therefore have increased strength as compared to metal hinges. These heavy-duty hinges do not rust, they do not corrode, they require no lubrication, and they can survive all kinds of weather without any need for maintenance.

Put the adjustment key in the Customer’s hands

When you have finished installing a new self-closing gate with Safetech gate hinges, you will leave behind the only tool that homeowners need to adjust their hinges. Adjusting the tension with the included allen-key is so simple that any homeowner can do it, eliminating the chance of being recalled to the job for maintenance.

Compliance with Child Safety Laws

When it comes to self-closing heavy gate hinges, compliance with Child Safety laws is of extreme importance. Our gate hinges are heavy duty but are safe to be installed and used in children’s playgrounds, schools and are tested to Australian standards. Our heavy-duty hinges comply with all national and international child safety standards. When children are in the vicinity, you can count on them to swing on the gates and to put additional pressure on the gate. While other types of hinges may give in to additional load, our heavy gate hinges can bear the load without sustaining any damage.

Self-closing adjustment for all types of fencing

Our heavy gate hinges are made of polymer material which proves to be much more durable and provides reliable self-closing tension adjustment. The adjustment is according to closing speed, gate weight, and the resulting momentum generated by gate movement. The heavy gate hinges can be easily installed and used with all types of fencing including aluminium and metal fencing. Our heavy-duty hinges provide double-face fixing strength and are the safest investment you can make when it comes to hardware. If you are looking for gate hinges of a heavy-duty nature, you have come to the right place. Heavy duty gate hinges by Safetech hardware are ideal if you are looking for high quality heavy duty hinges that do not rust, are reliable and durable, and can be used in high traffic areas.

Materials  Engineered Polymers, Rust Resistang Stainless-Steel Pins and Springs 
Adjustment  Horiztonal, Vertical 
Pack Quantity (Pairs)  20 
Colour  Black
Max Holding Weight (KG)  480
Closing Weight (KG) 85
Number of Legs  2 Leg, No Legs
Application  Metal or Timber Gates 


Technical Drawings: